Activating the Heart of Teams

Activating the heart of teams requires social coherence which is a deeper connectedness at the level of essence.

A director once told me to “not take things personally” when I pointed out how his direct team’s behaviour was compromising our ability to deliver results. I wasn’t offended but I thought he got it wrong. I always knew inside of me that truly caring means feeling as if my job were a part of me. The separation that one feels between his essence and the work he’s doing is oftentimes the reason why teams don’t move beyond compliance. Commitment is established at the level of essence.

When you are coherent, the mind and heart aligned, there is inner harmony that makes it natural to connect at a deeper level with others and with a common caring. This is social coherence. Common caring is an essence and it is the more compelling informal vision that teams in organizations share.

Cultivate coherence in your team. You will be surprised by how much teams truly care not only for friendships that come with working relationships but for the delivery of results they collectively truly want for the organization.

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