How Purpose Reveals Itself

About 80-90% of the participants in my HeartMath workshops for organizations last year were millenials. A common concern among them is not “finding” their purpose, and at the same time, not having clarity about what they really want.

The more we focus on the what, the longer it takes for our purpose to reveal itself to us. But when we fully connect with our work experiences, we start living our purpose and the form it must take gets crystallized in the process.

Fully connecting requires paying attention to how we feel. It requires a higher internal awareness of what goes on inside of us. For example, when I deeply listen to a workshop participant, I feel love and connection. It is the same love and connection that I feel when I deeply listen to a friend, to my husband, to a family member and so on. This generated in me the knowing that my purpose has something to do with deep listening and connecting with people.

When we are in a state of coherence, the alignment of the mind and the heart, we feel more connected with the work that’s in front of us. This essence of connection helps make us start living our purpose. Getting clarity about the kind of work, the what, one must do is just a matter of time.

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