A Different Kind of Support For Your Team

Perhaps, you got your strategy figured out and your team aligned. Perhaps, they have declared commitment to the goal.

Perhaps, you have provided the necessary training and never missed a pep talk when your team was discouraged or was needing to re-anchor on the bigger picture

If you still find that your team is having difficulty creating the results that you all want, perhaps, they need a different kind of support.

Oftentimes, our teams truly understand our goals. They genuinely want to help and contribute. The reality, however, is that there are feelings of discomfort or unease that comes with complexity of tasks and of increasing challenge levels. These are depleting emotions that run below the radar—unlike feelings of resistance that are easy to recognize.

Discomfort and unease are feelings that need to be regulated. There are specific techniques that can be done on the go so that when the feeling sets in, one may be able to reset. This quick reset gives clarity and puts one in a state of creative flow.

I teach teams how to shift into this regerative state which the HeartMath System calls coherence. It is the basis of building resilience. If you want a guide who have walked this path, I am here for you.

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