The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.

– Bill O’Brien

Teams who have gone through my HeartMath workshop would often find more Seeds that need transforming in their team or organization.

Oftentimes, the Essence of the organization and the individuals in it get revealed in our HeartMath sessions and in the process, they get more clarity about what they truly want to create, together. At this point, they would seek the kind of leadership approach or the kind of culture that cultivates or reinforces their learnings from practicing HeartMath tools and techniques. A new image of the organization that they want Emerges. I assisst them in birthing that new organizational Design – through principles, practices and processes that make it possible for them to carry out the vision.

As a helper, I customize all services out of a process of deep listening to what wants to be born. These are some of the services that I have been asked to help teams with:




Would you like us to discover what seeds in your organization are waiting to be revealed and to be cultivated? I’d love to hear from you.