The Resilience Advantage™

Transformed people
transform people.

Richard Rohr

The mind can get caught up in a cycle of worry and fear especially in times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambuiguity. The heart, however, knows we evolve in the face of new realities. How can we bring helpful insights about the future into the now, in such a way that we are hopeful and confident in our infinite creativity to remain relevant to the changing world context, to see and generate new opportunities, and, therefore, generate new hope for our organizations and the world?

How can we possibly align the mind and the heart so that we embrace the opportunity of our time which is to become our highest possibilities?

The founder of the HeartMath® Institute, Doc Childre, said that “the lack of alignment between what our mind says and what our intuitive heart is quietly trying to tell us can be one of the biggest unrecognized sources of stress.”

Stress prevent us from being at our best as individuals and as teams. It affects the way we think and our ability to reframe our situations and experiences in life and at work. It affects our relationships and the social field environment we’re in, be it our homes or our workplaces. It affects our health and our overall physiology, contributing to further stress on our mental and emotional systems.

Our flagship workshop which is The Resilience Advantage™ can help you learn how to generate greater coherence between the heart, the mind and emotions. It is the basis of building resilience in the face of a VUCA world. Through simple and practical research-based skill set known as the HeartMath System, you can cultivate personal coherence which becomes the foundation of organizational and social coherence. It allows new ways of being and of relating so that individuals and teams can engage in more meaningful ways, continually having generative conversations, therefore, finding ways to create solutions and making necessary complex decisions to create the results that you want.

Here’s what our workshop participants say about The Resilience Advantage™.

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You can also watch this interview with Zubu Design Associates—a Philippine-based architectural firm, finalist to the World Architecture Festival—two months after they have taken the HeartMath workshop, also called as The Resilience Advantage™ workshop.

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