We hold these tools to be self-evident: all people are born creative, endowed by our creator with the innate creativity, for greater consciousness, greater freedom and more complex order.

– Barbara Max Hubbard

I always get inspired by initiatives that are aligned with the creation of a better world. I also feel called when people and organizations invite me to share with them principles, processes and practices that help them make their intentions manifest. Changemakers need huge amounts of resilience and they need to tap their creative energies to be able to stay the course no matter how difficult the task.

These are some of the organizations and institutions that I have co-journeyed with through Seeds of Transformation:

The Ecosystem of Stakeholders for Sustainable Agriculture (ESSA)

The Communities of Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative (CAFEi)

The Global Seed Savers (GSS)

How about you? Tell me about the change you are co-creating in the world.