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In this episode, I spoke with Teresa Ruelas about creating a culture around food, farming and community-building. We talked about how that process of tending to the world is deeply connected with our purpose and meaning.

Teresa Ruelas is the co-founder and executive director of the Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative or CAFEi. I was with “Tressa” when we co-founded the GMO-Free Cebu with some friends Cebu and the Cebu Farmers Market, probably, the only physical hub for organically-grown produce and naturally-processed products in Cebu, Philippines. I was also with her in the Stop Cebu Flyovers Movement which later became The Movement for a Livable Cebu. We are co-carriers of the Movement for Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and networking or MISSION. She is a curator of collective co-creativity!

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In this episode, I spoke with Lisa Clayton about different kinds of intuition and how different  people experience it. She tells us how it can be a useful tool for day-to-day living. Lisa also shares with us the messages that she has received about Our Time through her practice of connecting with the angels and her guides.  

Lisa is the Founder of Source Potential, Inc., a human evolution company. She is a successful business entrepreneur, author and intuitive-spiritual leader who offers more than 35 years of experience in professional consulting, keynote speaking and transformational coaching.  

With Lisa’s life-long teaching and coaching philosophy of “learning from the inside out,” she founded the Inner Leader Movement. 

As an ordained Angel ambassador, Lisa specializes in connecting individuals with their Source-self and Divine. 

Lisa is a HeartMath® Master Trainer and Licensed Coach teaching individuals and groups stress reduction-resilience techniques for creating coherent, compassionate living environments. 

You can go to to get connected with her.