Cultivating a Culture of Gratitude in Your Team

My director from my previous job once asked me what I was doing that helped sustain my Promoters score for the Quarterly Employee Satisfaction Survey for six consecutive quarters. It wasn’t unusual for managers to get a Promoters score, but it was unusual to get it for more than four consecutive quarters especially during that time when the company couldn’t give the most awaited annual incentive for not hitting the financial targets from the previous year. A huge percentage of employees across the organization expressed frustration through the surveys.

When situations like the above would happen, I facilitate a process where I get to express genuine appreciation about the situation we’re in and I ask questions that reveal what my team appreciates. The heart quality of appreciation gave my team a higher perspective on what was going on. Like the perspective that the company couldn’t give what it didn’t have. It surprised my director to read perspectives expressing understanding and emotional maturity from my team in the surveys.

The following quarter, some employees had to be redundiated. The workload increased and worktime had to increase. Everybody was exhausted. I remember gathering the team in a virtual circle and opening my meeting acknowledging the situation and asking the question “what are you grateful for?” As one starts to speak from a place of gratitude, it allows others to connect with theirs. As the next team member speaks, it builds on that field of gratitude, and then it becomes easier for others to also connect with their gratitude. This practice creates a powerful coherent field that aligns team members. Our circles had become a charging station where we tap into the energy generated by the coherent feelings of gratitude and focused care.

A year earlier, my team was the only team in the account who received a Promoters score from our client. It was the first time that the client participated in the Client Satisfaction Survey even if it had been doing business with the company for several years already.

Gratitude or appreciation put us in a state of coherence, the alignment between the heart and the mind. Frustration, on the other hand, puts us in a state of incoherence. When we are coherent, we have access to a wider range of intelligence so we see the bigger picture.

Cultivating a culture of gratitude has helped increase my team’s coherence. With practice, it allowed us to collectively develop team resilience. I continue to teach individuals and organizations how to do the same. If you need a guide, I am here for you.

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