About the S.E.E.D.

The seed of transformation is the potential for transformation. All burning questions and crises, whether personal or organizational, carry with them the Future that emerges when conditions are right. The future has already been contained when the seed of a dream, a goal, a vision was planted.

The overarching process for our work goes by the acronym S.E.E.D. itself, where:

Seed is the area or potential for transformation, innovation or evolution, that is revealed in the discovery process.

Essencing is surfacing and revealing who we are, as individuals, and as an organization being the basis of all that the individual or organization does or create.

Emerging is clarifying and crystallizing what development, breakthrough or transformation wants or needs to happen.

Designing is about designing the structure, form, or container that will hold what is emerging; the design process is evolutionary, just like visions that need to evolve over time.

The process is iterative and at any stage in the life of the individual or the organization, there is a continuous process of looking for seeds of potential, reconnecting to his or its essence, emerging the future that wants to emerge and designing to ground the evolving future.

About the Facilitator

I am Ma. Clara Rowena Ebdani Suarez. You can call me Weng. I am a Certified HeartMath® Trainer, an Organizational Learning Consultant and a Sustainable Development advocate.

My work in the sustainable development community has been around co-thinking and co-executing new ways of doing business—one that is heart-centric, inclusive and emergent. I, for example, together with some friends, founded and carried the Cebu Farmers Market, a major player in the sustainable food ecosystems movement in Cebu City, in the Philippines. I facilitate heart conversations and heart connections among project members and stakeholders, to manifest the vision any initiative that I co-create.

My prototype initiative in human development was Open Heart Café. It has been holding public and private resilience-building workshops all over the country, has hosted online heart meditations and has attempted to hold inquiries and dialogues, as a response to the divisive ways in which social and political issues are being tackled in groups or communities. It wants to help activate the heart of the Philippines and the world.

Seeds of Transformation was born a year after doing my work in OHC. But the seed had been planted in those years when I was still working in the corporate world, where I saw how one’s work and his or her authentic self can sometimes, if not oftentimes, feel so separate.

I am offering my work as an alternative approach to Organizational Development, to work with individuals and organizations in helping them develop their people as full human beings. Instead of Human Resource Development, my work is Human Re-Source Development, which is connecting individuals back to their source of creativity and strength. This is how I believe we can truly, positively, and sustainably influence the organizations we work for and altogether create meaningful and sustainable change to the world. I use deep technologies like the HeartMath System, Presencing, Appreciative Inquiry, Systems Thinking and related methodologies and modalities for personal, organizational and societal transformation.

Idealistic, some would think. But not when you see the inspiring stories of transformation that I have seen working with individuals, organizations, and like-minded advocates. I am sharing some of them in the Testimonials, Open Heart Café and the Blog sections.

I have wealth of experience managing global teams with expertise in Quality, Operations, Workforce Management, Business Analysis and Continuous Improvement, but at the front and center of my life’s work is personal transformation in the context of human development and the larger societal transformation. My personal and organizational development work in Open Heart Café and Seeds of Transformation is also founded on the same principle, that is, transforming the self to transform the greater whole.

I am a co-carrier of the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking (MISSION)—a group of committed individuals in the Philippines who are working for the vision of a new Philippines and a new world.

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